'Ball' - Tweenies

Ball is the seventeenth episode of the first series. It first aired on September 28, 1999.


Milo wants to play with the ball in the nursery, but he accidentally almost hurts Jake and broken Judy's Plant. Poor Milo is feeling sad about not playing ball. So what if Max could take Milo and Bella to the park to play? They have a look at various parts of the park before they are sure that it is the right place to play with a ball. Back in the Playroom, Judy is showing Fizz and Jake how to play skittles with a ball which is the right size for indoors. Then Milo and Bella play a game of "who can throw the ball the highest" - Milo bouncing his ball higher than the tree and clouds and Bella bouncing her ball higher than a tall building and Moon. After an accident with throwing the ball over the bushes, they started to search for it. They are tired so Max tells them the story about Henry's Ball. Then after a break, it is then that Max saw the ball on the bush at last. When he, Milo and Bella get back to the nursery to find, Jake, Judy and Fizz, they all discover that you can have fun with a ball anywhere. Judy tells Milo the funny flick-chart that he shouldn't throw the ball in the bush, so they started giggling. Finally, Max lets them watch him juggle with the balls, for he is nick-named as Marvellous Max!