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The Tweenies

The Tweenies are the main characters of the TV show, Tweenies. They are four troublemakers who love to sing, play and listen to stories. They all attend the same playgroup where they play with each other. The Tweenies include the following:

  • Bella, the blue tallest bossy Tweenie.
  • Milo, the purple energetic Tweenie.
  • Fizz, the yellow bubbly Tweenie.
  • Jake, the orange youngest Tweenie.
  • Doodles, the red and yellow friendly dog.
  • Izzles, the purple and white playful dog.
  • Max, the dark pink helpful adult Tweenie.
  • Judy, the pale green kindest Tweenie.

They learn new things each day in the playgroup. The Tweenies press the Tweenie Clock in every episode, which tells them whether it's Song Time, Telly Time, Messy Time, Story Time, News Time or Surprise Time.

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